An Unexpected Bargain

If you told me, this time last year (yeah, happy new year by the way!), that I'd be the owner of a Windows tablet by the »

Well, that was painless

The handful of posts I made on my Wordpress blog have now been slurped into Ghost. Very straightforward, thanks to the (slightly cheeky) Ghost Plugin for »

It's time for a change

Back in the day, I had a blog powered by Blogger. It was set up to FTP changes to my web host, and it was good »

Cheapest new laptop ever

Still need to finish writing up my pedestrian crossing project. Of course, to do that, I need to finish it ;) Anyway, today my new laptop arrived »

Another project

Because spreading myself too thin is normal, here’s another project I’ve started. Steve Remembers: Channeling memories of tat from the »